About Us



We intend to help our clients achieve their operational and financial goals through innovative marketing and design. We want to show each and every customer the potential that their business has, given our guidance and expertise. 


Our identity lies within our dedication to customer service and attentiveness to details. Our goal is the long term success of all of our customers because our long term success is dependent upon yours.



We pride ourselves on providing the best possible work for our customers. From SEO friendly web-design, to social media strategy, to paid search and consultancy. We will help you achieve your marketing goals and we will explain everything using easily digestible metrics.


Sam started Help Me Get Online in 2015 when he noticed a need within the small business community. In an increasingly digital world, where customers turn first to their smartphones and to consumer reviews, having a digital presence is crucial. Without a strong presence throughout multiple digital platforms, many small businesses fail. People open businesses because they have something they're passionate about. My goal is to take care of the tedious planning and work that goes into extending a brand into the digital world so that people can focus on what they love.

Sam has worked with several local small and mid size companies to improve their social media presence, build websites and ultimately create more business to help them grow. He is currently studying Management Information Systems at Florida Atlantic University and is maintaining a 4.0 GPA. .


In a time when digital presence is mandatory for success in the world of business at all sizes, owners should have the tools available to manage their online branding without breaking the bank. Just like Google, Apple, and Amazon, "Suzie's Bake Shop" needs to extend her brand online so that it can survive in the modern economy.